Friday, 9 January 2009

Craft slices

Because the World is coming to an end, Jenny, Esther and I had no money for fancy presents. So we decided to make them. I embroidered a cushion for Esther and made a cross-stitch for Jenny. She has 'Patience' tatooed on her chest so I thought it would be a suitable message for her.

The blue linen cushion is from Ikea and the white frame from Habitat.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy new year everybody.

I made this today for the CDC. It says 'happy new year' in a fancy way.

Just like you like it®

There's a file on my desktop called 'food'. It contains the notes I typed in the car to keep track of the nicest places we ate at. It goes something like this:

Swamp John Catfish in Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Where hush puppies and I first met.

Charlie Vergos Rendez-Vous, Memphis, Tennessee
We went to Charlie Vergos Rendez-Vous after hearing about it in Theme Time Radio Hour, Bob Dylan's radio show. If you've never heard it, get it now. It was our best travel companion. We heard that you can smell the smoke all the way into the Peabody Hotel's lobby and that's no lie. They pump that smoke out into the streets just to drag you in by your nostrils. The dining room is beautiful, packed with sports memorabilia and presidents' autographs. The menu's pretty simple, you can get a 'first thing' (a starter you won't need), a 'main thing' that comes in different sizes (racks o'ribs) and some 'things on the side'. One rack is enough for two. It comes with sweet and smoky baked beans with bacon and orange coleslaw. Our waiter was a big man full of sound bites. We watched him pour our tea saying something like 'Oh yeah that's right'.

Gus's Fried chicken, Memphis, Tennessee
We were ready to go back to fried. The lady in our hotel said that she felt frustrated after discovering Gus's because of all the years she'd spent eating fried chicken from other places. We waited for our chicken for a while, which is surprising in a joint that only serves fried chicken but it was well worth the wait. Enter generous portions of moist and tender chicken in the crispiest and tastiest batter this side of the galaxy. It was delicious and our bill came to $12.

Boudin King, Jennings, Louisiana
We went on bit of a detour on the way to New Orleans to go to Boudin King in Jennings, Louisiana. Ollie felt brave and had the boudin, which is supposed to be the best boudin in Louisiana. I couldn't gather up the courage to order it due to years of being force-fed the stuff and, instead, went for a plate of fried seafood. Fried oysters are good! And the crawfish came in its own little fishcake. I tried the boudin, which was very different to the one I had as a child. It was just a big bit of hairy gut stuffed with rice and cayenne. It looked a bit like a big grey pregnant slug or a giant ring worm.

Maria's Taco Xpress, Austin, Texas
The first thing you see approaching Maria's Taco Xpress is a giant statue of Maria raising the roof. According to the numerous newspaper clippings tacked to the walls inside the restaurant, Maria's slightly loca. I'm not sure you can be loca and produce such delicious breakfast tacos. Or maybe you need to.

Trailer Park, Austin, Texas
More Dulwich Park than Trailer Park. Nice Po Boys!

What a burger!

Texas Chili Parlor, Austin, Texas
Good meat-only hot hot chili. No beans, just raw onion sprinkled on top. Man food.

Dairy queen
It's hard to find somewhere to spend your money in Marfa. Everything seems to be closed in the afternoon. We couldn't find Food Shark on the first day so walked into Dairy Queen and had some delicious burgers and deep-fried jalapeƱos.

Cochineal, Marfa, Texas
It's very pricey, the food is mediocre but it's worth a visit just for the lovely waitress.

Food Shark, Marfa, Texas
He drove in, set up, and sold us the most awesomest falafel eh-vah!