Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The view from the spaceship.

Last Tuesday, I flew to Toulouse to go and stick some posters around an 800 year-old hospital. For four days last week, the whole thing was invaded by young artists, creatives and craftsmen for Imaginez Maintenant. I did the signage for it and here are a couple of images. I'm really happy with the result. It was a bit of a tricky one as it's flippin' huge and there still are a few patients and employees walking around during the day. It was important not to do something too garish and showy; hospitals can be a bit sensitive and this one's still open to a few out patients.

When I left on Sunday no one had got lost so I guess I did a good job.

The weather was brilliant and everyone involved in the project even better. I met a couple of people who did some pretty cool stuff and even did a couple of radio interviews.

Jan Vormann filled the gaps in the crumbling brick walls with Lego (Dispatchwork) and showed his lovely and delicate SLEM3, a life-extension machine for soap bubbles. It worked most of the time (when Jan wasn't watching the footie - he's German).

The lovely Laurène Chesnel kept me company most of the time when she could get away from her supercute shop. Her and 4 friends made loads of little hand-made and not so hand-made objects to sell in her Museum Shop. She's a brilliant designer, we've been working together for years without ever having met or spoken.

5.5 designers sold tons of their objects for Save A Product For 1€ (look in 'projects'). There were tons of other super interesting projects but I haven't got all day so what you can do is go here and have a look for yourself.

Did I mention I did a couple of radio interviews?