Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Look, a funny cake.

I made this cake for my friend Tina. She loved it. I think she was drunk.

Megarich Chocolate Cake

This is what you need:

100g dark cooking chocolate
100g Butter
4 eggs
75g sifted plain flour
And more stuff to make it look pretty

This is how you make it:

Melt the chocolate and the butter in a pan. On the side, mix the egg yolks with the sugar. Beat the egg whites. Mix the melted chocolate and the sugary egg yolks together. Add the plain flour and fold in the beaten egg whites. Stick it all in a tin and cook at 180ยบ for about half an hour. May take longer, may not. Keep checking with a skewer. People say that the cake's done when the skewer comes out clean but I like my cake a little bit undercooked so take it out of the oven just before that.
To make it pretty, you can melt some more chocolate, take it off the heat and add a bit of double cream until it's nice and smooth and spreadable. Stick it on top of your cake and make it look fancy with a few nuts. Hazelnuts do the job. Or you can go mental with hundreds and thousands, smarties, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, glitter and royal icing but your guests will think you're trying too hard and that's the last thing you want when you're trying to impress.

Hey presto, everyone thinks you're the man.


Hazel Nicholls said...

Hey Lady,
Love your idea for your blog - very clever.
Hope all is well with you and that Ollie is better, the fete was good fun, but i wasted so much money on crap. I'm having a show in the old nuns head on friday night from 7, pop along if you're not off to the big chill. x

oh and thanks so much for the link, but it doesn't seem to work i think it's because there's a fullstop before the forward slash and there aint meant to be - if that makes sense?

Lenka said...

Great work.