Friday, 13 June 2008

Save Polaroid.

Polaroid may be closing their factories at the end of this year. That would be very sad. Ilford were thinking of buying them up, then abandoned the idea. I found out from the Facebook group that one of their marketing rep was running a survey, which could mean Ilford are still thinking about it.

If you want to, you can fill in the survey below and send it back to I reckon it would help a little bit. You'll probably need to buy some films too. I feel a bit bad actually because I joined the Save Polaroid group and haven't actually bought Polaroid films in ages. So let's bring it back from the dead and use it!

Here's the survey:

Please rate your responses to statements 1 to 7a on a scale of 1-10 (1 being high and 10 low) and complete questions 7b and 8. Number 9 is optional but if you decide to answer it, please be as precise as possible

I love Polaroid because...
1. It allows the capture of spontaneous and instant images.

2. I like the feel, smell and tactile nature of Polaroid print.

3. I prefer analogue to digital technology.

4. I use it as a proofing tool.

5. I like the size of the image it creates.

6. It allows me to print real black and white silver halide images from the negatives.

7a. I like the quality and look of a Polaroid image.

7b. Please describe what it is that appeals to you about the look of Polaroid, eg its use as an artistic tool for expression.

8. What would you use to replace your current way of working when the supply of Polaroid film eventually runs out?

9. Any other comments (please be brief and explicit).

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