Thursday, 2 October 2008

So let me get this right. My GRANDCHILD is a CAT?

Last weekend was twee. We went to Vermont for a wedding.

The nature in Vermont is amazing. We were there just at the right time and had a really nice walk in the woods to get to the Deer Leap overview which is a big rock on top of a mountain. You can sit on it and look at miles and miles of red trees, it's quite something. We even saw a snake on our way up there.

The rest of the State is basically a giant pot-pourri. All the shops are maple-syrup-scented gift shops and the roads have names like 'rustic drive', 'coffeehouse road', 'cream puff lane' and 'chipmunk alley'. The two first ones are real. Talking about chipmunks, we saw some in the City and they are cute! They didn't sing to us or try to help me get dressed which I found disappointing. We stopped at a gift shop to try and find a fridge magnet (don't ask) and all we found was a festival of miniature cushions embroidered with philosophical nuggets such as 'The one who dies with the most shoes wins' and my personal favourite 'So let me get this right. My GRANDCHILD is a CAT?'. I know it's supposed to be about modern couples settling for pets instead of human babies and middle-aged ladies being really sad about not having grand-children but those of you who are familiar with Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job will understand why it took me a while to try and understand what they were about.

I was going to insert the video here but I can't find it so download the whole show, watch it and when you get to the bit when Tim turns into a cat, boom! That's it!

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